Enlarged Prostate / Catheter Need More

If you are looking to try something natural we are your natural option. For prostate we recommend doing an ultrasound to get the size of your prostate. 25ml is normal, that’s the goal as close as possible. Need help text or call 718-635-2135

1-6 Bottles try and see if you get help (alway prepare to do more)
30ml-40ml 2 Bottles
42ml – 50ml 4 Bottles
52ml – 70ml 5 Bottles
80ml-100ml 6 bottles

Half Bottle in day, half before bed share your feedback with us afterwards

Catheter notes: if you are removing your catheter ensure that your Doctor check and completely clean the passage where the urine travels this is very important. Remember when you insert a catheter your body will need to train itself to urinate normally again do you might have frequent bathroom visit for days after you removed the catheter, as long as your urine is flowing it’s a good sign.

Note: check your Doctor afterwards