Stage 4 Colon Cancer Success!

May 31, 2022 Feedback received and verified.

We received updates from our #1 volunteer who tried 4 Bottles of our Immune drink Earth Tea Extra Strength for 7 Days against stage 4 Colon Cancer. His Blood work now shows Complete Remission which means no cancer cell present in his blood. That’s Amazing New!! We appreciate his trust and faith in our 100% natural product.

Earth Tea Extra Strength is an all natural Immune support drink that may help supports the immune system to overcome issues. With this amazing news we look forward to try duplicate this news over and over again. To all our supporters this is great news and we are happy for this update. Mr Anderson can now continue his business and be there for his Family and Customers. One unique thing about B4B Earth Tea is if there’s one success more will follow.

#2 Completed his 5 Bottles now we await his Results!
Feedback so far: Energy increase, walking, no longer fatigue, coherent as usual we recommend go back to your doctor and get tested.

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